Direction:Tsai Ming-Liang
Screenplay:Tsai Ming-Liang, Yang Bi-ying, Tsai Yi-chun
118 min., Color, 1997, 35mm, Mandarin w/English Subtitles
Cast: Lee Kang-sheng, Miao Tien, Lu hsiao-ling

Xiao-Kang shares a modern highrise apartment in Taipei with his parents, but the three of them rarely speak to each other and lead very separate lives. His mother, an elevator operator is having an unsatisfying affair. His father, now retired, visit's the city's gay saunas, while Xiao-Kang drifts through life without a job. Xiao - kang's life suddenly changes when he develops a chronic neck ailment and his family seeks ways to cure it. The River is a metaphysical meditation on the anomie of modern urban life.

From the Director of Rebels of the Neon God, Viva L'Amour, The Hole

Winner of The Silver Bear Award-Berlin International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize, Chicago International Film Festival

"**** (4 stars) That I regard the River as a masterpiece and the work of a master doesn't mean that I consider it fun or pleasant- terrifying and beautiful would be more appropriate ."
-Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader