DIRECTOR: Siegrid Alnoy
RUNTIME: 100 minutes, France, color, 35mm, video, French w/English subtitles
CAST: Sasha Andres, Jerome Beaujour, Francois Favrat

Christine Blanc is a 30 something temporary secretary who works office jobs in a provincial town in France. A solitary woman, Christine yearns to belong, to have her work valued, to become part of a team-any team. She lives an unassuming life; visiting the mall, seeing her parents on a weekly basis, taking driving lessons, and frequenting the local pub. But there is something not quite right about Christine. Her emotional isolation has left her unprepared for normal interaction. One day, she explodes and in panic she bludgeons a co-worker to death. Afterwards, her life improves. She becomes part of the team, gets a full time job and a boyfriend. Everything seems fine until the police come round to investigate the unsolved murder.

Official Selection:
Cannes Intl. Film Festival
Rendezvous with French Cinema

"This dazzlingly cogent and inventive work marks Alnoy as one of the front runners of new French of French cinemas boldest debuts in recent memory."
-Jonathan Romney, FILM COMMENT

"A curiously stylish portrait of a very strange woman... remarkable feature debut"

"Compellingly Unsettling"
-David Rooney, VARIETY