DIRECTOR: Ulrich Seidl
SCREENPLAY: Ulrich Seidl and Veronika Franz
RUNTIME: 87 minutes, Color 2003, German w/English Subtitles

Jesus, You Know immerses itself in the incredibly private act of prayer, turning the cinema into a confessional. The film follows six believers into the sanctity of the church and with their permission films their individual conversations with Jesus. One is a student who attends mass every day against his parent's wishes. He spends nearly all his free time in the parish and tells Jesus all his regrets, erotic fantasies, and his dreams of being a hero. Another believer is a mother of two, who spends as much time at the church as she does at home, where for years she has cared for her invalid husband. She prays that Jesus may heal her husband, a Muslim, who in turn sees his illness as God's punishment for having married a Christian. There is the retired chemistry teacher who has been cheated on by her husband with another woman. In her prayers she yearns for revenge. But isn˙t revenge a sin? Like so many others, she comes to church to complain, ponder, confess, brood and pray to Jesus for forgiveness.A lonely man ask Jesus to help him find a suitable mate and despairs that life has left him yearning for earthly love. A young couple bickers and asks Jesus to reconcile their differences.

Prayer becomes a way for these believers to converse with Jesus and share their innermost thoughts and problems with him and seek answers. The film is a revelatory look at faith and belief in contemporary times.

Best Documentary-Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Grand Prize- Vienna Film Festival
Critics' Prize - Montreal Film Festival