Hitchhiker Maria Hofstatter
Teacher Christine Jirku
Teacher's Lover Victor Hennemann
Lucky Georg Friedrich
Alarm Salesman Alfred Mrva
Old Man Erich Finsches
Housekeeper Gerti Lehner
Klaudia Franziska Weiss
Mario Rene Wanko
Ex-wife Claudia Martini
Ex-husband Victor Rathbone

a mix of actors and non-actors

Erich Finsches (Mr.Walter) has held down alot of jobs: snack bar owner, market delivery driver, taxi driver, jam and juice producer. Now he is 75, collects a disability pension, and owns a tenement house in Vienna.

Maria Hofstater (Anna the hitchhiker) prepared herself for the role of the hitchhiker for over a year, paying regular visits to a supervised apartment shared by mentally handicapped housemates. She slipped into the character Anna so perfectly that she came to the set as Anna and stayed Anna until she went home again. Hofstatter has been in several Austrian films and she is active in the Austrian independent theatre scene.

Victor Rathbone (The Greek) was born in Uruguay and grew up all over the world including Guatemala, England, Texas, and Canada. Trained as a marketing expert, he is now working for the European Patent Office in Vienna. On the side he also runs one of the most exclusive stationery stores in Vienna. Dog Days was his first movie role.

Alfred Mrvas (alarm salesman) first screen role was in Dog Days. Mrva is a self made man, who worked 30 years to build up a Viennese company for alarm systems.

George Friedrich (Wickerel's friend) is an actor who has appeared in acclaimed films including MIchael Haneke's The Piano Teacher. He also drives a taxi when he is not acting.

Victor Hennemann (Wickerel) is a flamboyant bar and swingers club owner and a publisher of pornographic magazines.

Nine Questions for Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl Filmography

Ulrich Seidl was born in 1952, and lives in Vienna, Austria. He is internationally acclaimed for his award winning documentaries such as "Good News," "Animal Love," and "Models." "Dog Days" is his first fiction feature.

1980 Einsvierzig.
1982 Der Ball.
1990 Good News.
1992 Losses to be Expected.
1994 Die letzten Manner (TV).
1995 Animal Love.
1996 Bilder einer Ausstellung (TV).
1997 Der Busenfreund (TV).
1998 Fun without limits (TV).
1998 Models.
2001 Dog Days.
2001 Zur lage.

Director Ulrich Seidl
Screenplay Seidl, Veronika Franz
Camera Wolfgang Thaler
Editors Andrea Wagner, Christof Schertenleib
Sound Ekkehart Baumung
Costume Sabine Volz
Production Design Andreas Donhauser
Production Manager Max Linder
Producers Helmut Grasser, Philippe Bober